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And the Hits Just Keep on Coming…

We’re getting a ton of love.

In eWeek, they’re talking about how we’re fueling innovation for startups, offering affordable access to our cutting-edge technology. In Barron's, they’re saying that we (along with Amazon and Pivotal!) are “setting the tone” for cloud computing. And in Wired, we’re cited as one of the pioneers of the “new data revolution.”
  Get a Clue(Con): The Answer is VoltDB

At ClueCon 2013, Vanguard Michael Giagnocavo presented “Easy Real-Time CDR Reporting with VoltDB,” an exploration of using Volt in telecom to deal with high-volume CDRs – keeping developer-friendly SQL and fully ACID transactions without sacrificing scale-out.

Missed it live? No worries – check out Michael’s presentation here.
  Be Faster and Smarter in the Face of Big Data

When it comes to harnessing the power of big data, having velocity on your side means faster, better-informed decisions. And constant innovation ensures that you’ll stay nimble, efficient and competitive.

Hmmm – know a screaming-fast, cost-effective solution that can offer the best of both? We do.
Votl Vanguard   Breaking down the Database Universe   Volt University
VoltDB v3.5: Now with More SQL Goodness

v3.5 is out – and it’s chock full o’ good stuff: SQL IN (list), time functions, group by column function and more. Early feedback indicates that the Vanguards are loving it!

Get your 3.5 on now!
  News You Can Use: Scott Jarr on Big Data

Recently, Scott Jarr talked "Accelerating Big Data" on a webcast featuring Pivotal, VoltDB and Tibco Streambase. It's now available on-demand.

Scott also makes the case for getting decisive on real-time big data analytics in this article from the TDWI newsletter.
  Bruce Reading Went Big and Went Bald for Cancer Research

He did it! Bruce shaved his head as part of the hack/reduce and Boston Big Data fundraiser to benefit St. Baldrick’s Foundation. Check out the pics on our Facebook page.

Thanks to donations from our community of customers, partners, friends and Vanguards, Team VoltDB raised nearly $12,000 to fight childhood cancer. We’re so grateful – it feels good to do good!

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