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VoltDB 4.0   4.0 Has People Talking   Tick-Tock, Vanguard
Enhanced Big Data Analytics with HP Vertica Marketplace — and VoltDB

The new HP Vertica Marketplace is an online destination for developers, HP Vertica users, and tech partners to create and share innovative big data analytics solutions.

And VoltDB is there. Learn more in this post from the Vertica blog.
  Three Questions
(and Answers)
About Big Data

Roberto Zicari of ODBMS.org tapped Ryan Betts for the third interview in his “Big Data: three questions to… “ series.

Roberto had questions, Ryan had answers. Read all about it in “Big Data: Three questions to VoltDB.”
  Feelin’ Groovy on the VoltDB Blog

We recently welcomed Groovy into the VoltDB ecosystem as our first inline procedure language.

Are you feelin’ it? Read more in Stefano Santoro’s post, VoltDB is a Churning Urn of Groovy Funk.
Database Trends and Applications   Michael Stonebraker on the Air   On Demand: One Size Does Not Fit All - Selecting the Right Database for the Job
Dr. Dobb’s Prescribes VoltDB’s “Superzapper In-memory Decisioning”

Dr. Dobb’s recently introduced its readers to VoltDB v4.0. It’s a great article — they covered all the high points, like 4.0’s enhanced in-memory analytics, elastic clustering capabilities, integration with existing data infrastructure and enhanced SQL support.

We’re just mad we didn’t come up with “Superzapper” first!
  What Can VoltDB
Do for You?

What’s possible with an insanely fast, in-memory operational database? The list includes — but is definitely not limited to — micro-personalization and real-time segmenting, network activity monitoring/security, real-time analytics, sensor data management, and telco billings and rights management.

Start at Volt University. It’s designed for developers of all skill levels who want to learn how to build these incredible apps. Get smart — and then get going!
  Webcast — In-memory Analytics: Telecom’s Competitive Edge

To remain competitive in the face of faster networks, more customers and increasingly stringent regulations, telecom app providers need to take a hard look at legacy systems and consider making the leap to newer, faster, more flexible database solutions.

Learn more. Join Ryan Betts on March 26th for a live webcast that will provide insight into how the right database can deliver the blazing speed necessary to evolve with the market.

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