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Stonebraker   Hello 3.0   Webcast

Stonebraker Live!

If you'll be in Boston on January 23rd or Santa Clara on January 29th, register to join us for an interactive get-together with the database legend himself.

And no worries – if we haven't hit your city yet, we're coming soon! Stay tuned to the VoltDB meetup group to find out when and where you can catch the tour.


VoltDB 3.0: Unleashing the business value in big data

It's here. It's live. And it's ready for you. The real question is: are you ready for it?

Unprecedented throughput, performance and usability. Get the lowdown in our "Hello, 3.0!" webcast – 2:00 p.m. Eastern on Thursday, January 31st.

And in the meantime, download 3.0 – and harness the power of infinite possibilities.


An on-demand webcast that will change the way you think about building apps

The design decisions you make today will have a huge performance impact down the line.

What do you need to know to make the right choice for your next app? Check out Navigating the Database Universe for been-there-done-that insight from Mike Stonebraker and VoltDB co-founder Scott Jarr.

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Blog: Scaling with VoltDB – The Clustered Database

Got a need for speed? Well, buckle your seatbelt.

In this blog post, VoltDB's John Piekos offers a step-by-step for creating a VoltDB clustered database that will get you scaling beyond 100,000 transactions per second.


You've got the vision. We've got the tools.

Collaboration is key. The collective skills, experiences and straight-up smarts from the VoltDB Community are what will power our evolution.

The source code for the AGPL3-licensed VoltDB Community Edition is up on GitHub. Wanna jump in? Contact our project team. We'll teach you the secret handshake and get you going – fast.


We know you like us.

So make it Facebook official. We're also pretty clever and informative on Twitter, if we do so say ourselves. Like us. Follow us. C'mon – show us a little love.

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VoltDB Live and In-person

1/23/13: VoltDB Boston Meetup and Launch Event
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1/29/13: VoltDB Santa Clara Meetup and Launch Event
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VoltDB on Your Desktop

1/31/13: "Hello, 3.0!"
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And there's more coming soon...
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