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VoltDB 4.0   4.0 Has People Talking   Tick-Tock, Vanguard
VoltDB 4.0 is here.

VoltDB 4.0 is the only high-speed operational database that combines breakthrough speed and real-time, in-memory analytics in a single database. And it’s live.

Get to know 4.0 in our on-demand webcast and this blog post, both brought to you by the one and only John Piekos.

Or, if you just have to have it now, get right to the good stuff – download it now.
  4.0 has people talking…

This week’s release of 4.0 created a lot of buzz.

According to the press, we’re stepping up in-memory analytics (InformationWeek), boosting performance (IT Business Edge) and gaining ground in the market (CIO).

What do we say to that? Yes, yes and yes!
  Big data. Business value. Right now.

According to our CTO, Ryan Betts, “Real-time processing of in-motion high-velocity feeds is crucial to truly unlock big data’s potential.”

How are you going to get there? Read more in Ryan’s Database Trends and Applications article, “Velocity: Extracting Business Value from Big Data—in Real-Time.”
Database Trends and Applications   Michael Stonebraker on the Air   On Demand: One Size Does Not Fit All - Selecting the Right Database for the Job
Raise marketing IQ with VoltDB

Visual IQ is using VoltDB to power its cross-channel marketing attribution products – giving their users the ability to accurately visualize the quantitative impact that each channel, campaign and tactic has on overall marketing success.

Real-time analysis and decisioning enable smarter marketing – get the whole story.
  Have a few minutes – and a few opinions on databases?

We’re running a brief survey on databases and big data processing – and we’d love to see things from your point of view.

Let us know what you think – in exchange for your time, we’ll enter you to win an iPad Mini.
  Tackling big data from the back office

In this Wall Street & Technology story, Marc Firenze – CTO of BNY Mellon's Eagle Investment Systems – discusses why he chose VoltDB to power Eagle's solution for real-time, back-office risk analysis.

How can real-time analytics improve your business? Read on…

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