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Investors.com   Shopzilla and Yellowhammer   Rock the Vote for Volt
Big Data Goes Big Time

VoltDB is the big news in big data.

Investor’s Business Daily got to know VoltDB in a Q&A with CEO Bruce Reading. Read more in “VoltDB Takes On Oracle, SAP In Big Data Market.”

And over at Database Trends and Applications, Scott Jarr confirms that one-size-fits-all databases are yesterday’s news in “Using Purpose-Built Databases to Capture the Value of Data Across its Lifecycle.”
  Webcasts: VoltDB = Cutting-Edge Innovation and Unique Competitive Advantage

On June 19th, join Ryan Hubbard, CTO at Yellowhammer, for a live webcast that will take you inside the VoltDB-powered Performance Trading Platform — the engine that sets Yellowhammer apart with real–time segmenting, targeting and optimization for advertisers.

And if you missed our session with Shopzilla, watch it on demand to find out why the e-commerce innovator chose VoltDB as part of a multi-phase program to reduce latency and drive unprecedented velocity into their infrastructure.
  Rock the Vote —
for Volt!

If we could be there in person, we'd shake your hand and kiss your baby. But alas, this newsletter will have to do in terms of campaigning.

Jeff Vance at Startup 50 named VoltDB one of his his "42 Big Data Startups to Watch." The top 10 are going to be profiled in CIO, and reader votes will influence the final selection. Go check out the full list – and then make your vote count!
Votl Vanguard   Breaking down the Database Universe   Volt University
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The Volt Vanguard
Fame! Fortune!
Face Time! Contest

Here’s the deal: develop a killer app using VoltDB and you could win global promotion, $10,000 and one-on-one time with the geniuses behind VoltDB.

Intrigued? Watch your inbox and our Facebook page for details. (And to get prepped, download the latest version of VoltDB — now with additional query optimizations and non–blocking statistics to make your app run even faster!)
  From the Basics to Business Value — Breaking Down the Database Universe

In the latest VoltDB video, co-founder and chief strategy officer Scott Jarr breaks down the database universe — in just seven minutes.

Real-time decisioning and analytics. That’s the power of NOW. And that’s the power of VoltDB.
  Hey smarty pants!

Have you enrolled in Volt University yet? It’s the best way to quickly get smart on Volt. (And, unlike actual college, you don’t have to share a cramped dorm room with a total stranger. Score!)

Check out our 10-part online course catalog as well as the tutorials and other resources that will fill your brain with the knowledge you need to build the world’s next game-changing app.

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