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In the News: Funding Fuels VoltDB’s Innovation and Growth   Webcast – Stonebraker Says: Traditional RDBMS Wisdom is All Wrong   Hey Boston – Join us at Big Data TechCon
What’s New in VoltDB 4.4?

Version 4.4 is up and running – and it’s got lots of cool stuff inside!

4.4 expands our integration with Apache Kafka, enhances management of temporary memory to allow more complex queries, completes our SQL sub-SELECT support and introduces an automatically generated UPSERT stored procedure for your database tables.

Want to know more? Get the details in the release notes – or download it now to see it for yourself.
  In-memory, In the News

Oracle made news recently with its big in-memory announcement – and, as you might imagine, we had some thoughts.

In InformationWeek’s “Oracle In-Memory Option: 6 Key Points,” Ryan Betts and other industry experts shared their perspectives.

Over at InfoWorld, they’re talking SQL and NoSQL in “Not so fast, NoSQL -- SQL still reigns.” The article discusses recent survey results that indicate that “SQL databases are going strong, and NoSQL is the accompaniment, not the replacement.” Our very own Mike Stonebraker offers his take.
  A Game-Changing Webcast with deltaDNA

Giving players the kind of game they want means being able to track, anticipate and respond to different behaviors instantly.

deltaDNA has achieved speed, intelligence and micro-personalization that sets them apart in the gaming world. And on July 22nd, Chris Wright, their co-founder and CTO, will tell you all about it.

Join him for a live webinar that will explore how deltaDNA drives real-time player engagement, powered by VoltDB.
VoltDB: Telecom’s Competitive Advantagememory Decisioning”   Tech Debate: SQL or NoSQL for Big Data Apps?   Introducing the VoltDB Dev Center
Exploring the New Corporate Data Architecture with Scott Jarr

Scott Jarr has recently taken to the blog to introduce his vision for the new corporate data architecture.

In "The Imminent Fracture in Corporate Data Architecture: Fast + Big," he covered the two distinct ways to interact with data. In “The Alchemy of Fast Data,” he goes deeper on the concept of fast data and how to make it work for your business.

Scott recently expanded on these topics in an O’Reilly Media webinar with Mike Stonebraker. Check out “Big Data, Fast Data: The Need for In-Memory Database Technology” on demand to learn more.
  VoltDB Powers Real-Time Digital Marketing Platform in the Cloud

mediarithmics recently announced that they’re using VoltDB to provide brands, advertising agencies and ad networks an industry-first cloud platform for data marketing.

Using the mediarithmics platform, customers extract immediate insights from their data to target current and prospective clients – at the optimal time – through highly customized multi-channel advertising campaigns.

It’s good stuff – get the whole story here.
  Expertise from our Engineers

InfoWorld recently published “Fast data: The next step after big data,” an article by VoltDB software engineer John Hugg that covers how the value in fast data is being unlocked with reimagined implementations of message queues and streaming systems such as Kafka and Storm, and databases with the introduction of open source NoSQL and NewSQL offerings.

And on our blog, VP of Engineering John Piekos encourages you to toss conventional wisdom when it comes to in-memory database sizing.

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