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In the News: Funding Fuels VoltDB’s Innovation and Growth   Webcast – Stonebraker Says: Traditional RDBMS Wisdom is All Wrong   Hey Boston – Join us at Big Data TechCon
Is Big Data Going to Waste?

Earlier this year, we polled database managers, analysts, admins and other IT pros about the databases they use, the results of big data projects, and opinions about big data tech advancements.

And the survey revealed that most organizations cannot use – or even access – the vast majority of the data they collect. Yikes.

Want to learn more? Check out the full survey report or read CIO Insight’s take in “Value of Big Data Remains Untapped.”
  Mik Quinlan, Mythbusting and No Compromises

This month, the blog was full of good stuff!

Longtime Vanguard Mik Quinlan wrote a guest post about VoltDB, Hadoop and Kafka: "Integration of a streaming system with batch-oriented, slower downstream systems."

Ryan Betts declared “no compromises necessary!” in “Don’t Accept Data Loss when Upgrading to In-memory Database Performance.”

And John Hugg, our resident mythbuster, debunked misconceptions about VoltDB.
  Online, On Demand,
In Person!

No shortage of Stonebraker wisdom here!

If you missed our recent Stonebraker Says webcast, view it on demand so you don’t get left behind in a world that’s smarter and faster than what your legacy system can handle.

On June 10th, Mike will present the third webcast in the series, “OLTP RDBMSs are the Right Tool for Fast + Big Data Apps.” Register now.

And if you’re going to be in NYC on June 12th, register to join us live for dinner, drinks and “Stonebraker Straight Talk." We’ll see you there!
VoltDB: Telecom’s Competitive Advantagememory Decisioning”   Tech Debate: SQL or NoSQL for Big Data Apps?   Introducing the VoltDB Dev Center
RDBMS and JSON – Perfect Together

In InfoWorld’s New Tech Forum, Ryan Betts looks at the "best of both worlds" combination of relational databases and JSON data structures.

Read more in “How JSON sparked NoSQL – and will return to the RDBMS fold” and then join the conversation in the comments to let us know what you think!
  Best-in-Class Results on the YCSB Benchmark? Nailed It.

Our dev team recently put VoltDB up against the Yahoo Cloud Serving Benchmark (YCSB) – an industry-standard performance benchmark for cloud databases.

And, well… we knocked it out of the park.

Engineer Alex Rogers breaks down the benchmark – and VoltDB’s best-in-class performance.
  On Demand: Taking on Fast and Big Telecom Data with VoltDB

“We have seen an improvement in traffic management of over 150%...” –Ari Gorman, CTO of Novatel Networks

In this on-demand webcast, Ari Gorman and Ryan Betts dive deep into how – in the face of fast, big data – VoltDB powers Novatel’s ability to offer customers maximum efficiency, quality and service through expedited VoIP call routing.

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